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Our Incredible
SuperFood Bowls


Enjoy from a variety of bases and multiple unlimited toppings. Our high antioxidant fruit base organic acai , and pitaya are loaded with antioxidants. The exotic organic coconut charcoal and matcha green tea. They each provide several health benefits that will boost your immune system, matcha helps boost your metabolism and regulate your blood sugar. With its natural caffeine provides you with sustained energy and improved focus throughout the day without jitters. 

 All of our bases are vegan friendly. 



We choose to make crepes because they're simply are delicious, fun and worth the effort to make. Even though they're related to the homey pancake, crepes have an allure that is more than the way they taste. They can feel elegant, exotic, nostalgic, sophisticated, indulgent, or comforting.

Come and try one today, always fresh, always fresh and real ingredients.